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Local haunt Eloise gets the Hollywood treatment

Eloise, one of the Motor City’s most popular haunted spots, is getting the Hollywood treatment. Unfamiliar with Eloise? Eloise was a poor house turned insane asylum located on Michigan Ave. in Westland. At one point the complex contained 78 buildings and had it’s own postal code, but now mostly ruins. A lot of the land has been sold off, paving the way for a strip mall. Only 4 of the buildings remain. There is also a cemetery nearby.  Most of the markers only have patient numbers on them. Tragically, not a name or single nice word, though some are working to identify the graves.

Security guards (and teenagers looking for a thrill) have heard voices and other odd noises.  Moaning and grunts can be heard by the playground and lights tend to have a mind of their own. Presumptively these are the ghosts of the patients who were perished within the walls of Eloise.

The movie, titled Eloise, was actually filmed in Michigan as part of the Michigan Film incentives (which sadly no longer exist). The plot is that the main character (super hot Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl) has to break into Eloise to get the death certificate of a relative so he can qualify for an inheritance. So he enlists the help of his friends (super hot Eliza Dushku from Buffy and Dollhouse) and Brandon T. Jackson (super hot Detroiter from Tropic Thunder) to break into Eloise and have the night of their lives. Or maybe last night of their lives…

If you want to show some support for the Motor City and see horrible things happen to pretty people, make sure to check out Eloise. BONUS: Robert Patrick plays what appears to be the villain. As long as Robert Patrick isn’t trying to replace Agent Mulder, I’m a fan.


The movie is scheduled to be released by Vertical Entertainment in theaters and VOD on Feb. 3. If you want to see it on the big screen, Emagine Royal Oak is the only theater playing it.

Photos are from The Friends of Eloise and MLive.

Article by Mallory Crowe – Romance Author

Michigan Science Center After Dark: Vintage Video Games III Review

Michigan Science Center After Dark: Vintage Video Games III

Motor City Geek went retro last night. The Michigan Science Center held their third After Dark: Vintage Video Games. Tickets were $15 to get in the door which included one drink ticket and unlimited play time at the 20+ vintage games. The arcade games were provided by Offworld Arcade.

The geeks were out in full force. The same event in July sold out and this one seemed just as popular. Before the doors even opened there was a line outside the MSC. The games were spread out over two levels and each level had a cash bar serving beer and liquor (The drinks were Mario themed. I tried the Princess Peach for… research purposes.)

Even if you weren’t into gaming, there was plenty to keep you entertained. From pixel art perler bead tables so you could bring your favorite characters to life or exploring the awesome Michigan Science Center exhibits with a drink in hand. (And who hasn’t ever wanted to do that?)

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters Detroit answered the call for fun. They brought with them their own Ectomobile, a collection of console Ghostbusters games and The Real Ghostbusters arcade game! To top it all off they had their own Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and were more than happy to take photos with anyone and everyone!

Motor City Gaming also did a live podcast at the event (including a few giveaways).

Detroit Respect was one of the few vendors selling. (And, yes, I did get something )

Worst part of the night? There were waits to play games. The unfortunate side effect of the event being popular. But with so many options, most people could just hop to another cabinet and enjoy another game while they waited.

Best part of the night? I loved everything Ghostbuster related.

Overall verdict? I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in but was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and variety of activities provided. This was an affordable way to spend a really fun Thursday night and learn some science facts along the way!

Event review by Mallory Crowe – Romance Author



List of games provided by Offworld Arcade
Track and Field
Forgotten Worlds
Punch Out
Elevator Action
The Simpsons
Smash TV
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bad Dudes
Atari Video Pinball
Moon Patrol
Mario Kart
Golden Eye
Super Smash Bros
Just Dance
Sega Games
Guitar Hero
Duck Hunt
Atari 2600 Games

Michigan Science Center After Dark: Vintage Video Games III

The third Vintage Video Games event at the Michigan Science Center was a blast! This was our first time attending and I’m glad we made it out. Offworld Arcade brought in a truckload of arcade games, Detroit Respect were selling some awesome shirts, the guys from Motor City Gaming were broadcasting live, and Ghostbusters Detroit were out in force.

I’ll have an event breakdown up this weekend. Thanks everyone for a great time! Thanks to Mallory Crowe for contributing some of these photos!

Motor City Comic Con Update 2017

After the awesomeness of the Ron Perlman announcement last week (See HERE) , MCCC has released a stream of upcoming media guests. To keep you on the up and up, MotorCityGeek is giving you the rundown and a few (unsolicited) opinions.

 Aly Michalka – Aly Michalka got her start on Disney’s Phil of the Future, but most current audiences would recognize her as Peyton from iZombie. She has had major roles in Hellcats and Two and a Half Men and is one half of the hit recording group Aly and Aj. I’ve never heard an Aly and Aj song but now that I know Peyton from iZombie IS Aly, I have the sudden urge to YouTube this…

Fri | Sat | Sun


Photo Ops

Amy Jo Johnson – Amy Jo Johnson is the Pink Power Ranger. Okay, she’s been in all 75 episodes of Flashpoint and had major reoccurring roles on Covert Affairs, Felicity and a plethora of other shows, she will always be the Pink Power Ranger to me. And, as a child of the nineties, I mean that as a sincere compliment.

Sat | Sun


Photo Ops

Marky Ramone – Like the name suggests, Marky was a drummer for the legendary band, the Ramones. Not familiar with The Ramones? If you don’t get “I Wanna Be Sedated” in your head just by reading this, I demand you go to YouTube immediately.

Fri | Sat | Sun


Photo Ops

Mena Suvari – Mena Suvari will always be the girl in American Beauty wearing nothing but rose petals to me. Why? No idea. I’ve never seen the movie. But I have seen her in American Pie (I &II) Loser, Spun, Rumor Has It and her guest role in American Horror Story’s first season. She’s been in dozens of other roles in TV and Film and has definitely left her mark on the industry.  And if you’re wondering why she’s coming to a Comic Con, she has done a lot of voice work, including Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts II.

Fri | Sat | Sun


Photo Ops

Sting – Sting is a retired professional wrestler. His prolific career spans over three decades and he is considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. I know next to nothing about wrestling and even I know who Sting is. Sting has held 25 total championships between the WCW and TNA (that apparently stands for World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which might be my favorite name for anything ever).

Saturday Only


Photo Ops – According to MCCC, he WILL be in face paint for the photos.

Zach McGowan – McGowan is currently a series regular on The 100 and plays Captain Charles Vane on STARZ hot pirate show Black Sails. With 44 different credits to his name on IMDB, this guy has been around. And since the subtitle on his website is “That Guy From That Show”, I like him more already.

Fri | Sat | Sun


Photo Ops

Comic Con update by Mallory Crowe – Romance Author

Hellboy is coming to Detroit!

The first big media guest of Motor City Comic Con has been announced. Ron Pearlman will be a featured guest. While some actors are lucky to have one career-defining moment, Ron Pearlman has had dozens of scene-stealing roles. Whether you know him from Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy, or even Beauty and the Beast, this is a great sign for the 2017 lineup.

And in case you missed it, this is him getting in full Hellboy Makeup for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.…

He’ll be there Saturday and Sunday (May 20th and 21st). Autographs are $55 and photo ops are $65.

Can’t wait to hear who else is coming to the D!


Ron Perlman