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Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival Recap

This year we got a special treat of a June Renaissance Festival! Sure, the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival (MMRF) has been around for 8 years, but it was the first time attending for all of us at MCG.

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We weren’t the only first timers. The MMRF has been expanding steadily over the past few years and this year seemed to explode. There were double the amount of vendors this year (48 over 2016’s 24) and even though this year’s festival was on 4 acres, in future years, there’s tons of room to expand.


Let’s talk about those 4 acres. When we went, it was one of the hottest weekends of the year so far. The sun was shining, humidity was up and, worst of all, there wasn’t a cloud in sight. So as I laced up my corset that morning, I tried my best not to think about the heat. When we got out of the car in the parking lot, all my fears were realized as the sun beat down on me as though determined to ruin my day. But it didn’t matter! The second we stepped into the woods, I’m sorry, enchanted forest, the shade probably brought down the steamy temps by at least ten degrees. Through the whole day, I didn’t even sweat, which is saying a lot for me because I’m a glistener.

The trails were very well worn and there weren’t a lot of tripping hazards (like roots). I think that is something that can be taken for granted. This was opening day of a lesser known festival, so I was worried that the trails would be a bit more rustic. If a guest is wearing an elaborate period piece, it can be harder to watch your step.

Another plus of the event were the great vendors. There was a great mixture of goods being sold, from wooden dishes, soaps, jewelry and, of course, clothes. I’m not sure if we just happened to shop in the right booths or what, but the prices here were fantastic. I was able to pick up a scrying crystal (just like in Charmed! Yes, I’m a 90’s nerd…) for only $5 bucks! Not to mention that the price of admission for adults is just $13 bucks. I’d be willing to pay that just for a nice walk in the woods. The added ambiance and people watching is just a plus.

And what’s the one food item that is almost synonymous with the thought of a renaissance festival? Turkey legs! The MMRF came complete with turkey legs, beer, ice cream, brats and a whole host of other options. The concessions section wasn’t as large as the offerings of the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but the lines were never overly long and the food was all very good. We were also serenaded while eating and treated to an awesome dance show!

There was also a full lineup of shows. MCG was only able to catch one, but it was a fire dancing act that was full of stunt after stunt after stunt (Seriously, check out the pictures in the full album! There were so many cool things happening!). All of the performers seemed very game, and not just on stage. The festival workers, from trolls to fairies to mermaids, were all very in character and worked to make each guest’s experience especially memorable.

Overall, I’d say the biggest con about the MMRF was the drive. It was over an hour drive and a bit of it is off the freeway, so it’s hard not to feel like you’re lost at a few points. However, it’s location (close to Frankenmuth) means that even if you don’t spend all day at the festival, there’s plenty of other things nearby to make the entire day full of fun activities.

So if you have any free time in the next two weekends and want to get an early summer festival fix, I highly recommend the MMRF! It’s so reasonably priced and pretty much a guaranteed fun time. So grab your corsets, prepare your huzzahs and make sure to check out some of the great pictures we’ve posted!

And if you’re on the fence about going, make sure to check out the awesome themes of the upcoming weekends!

June 17th and 18th: Magic and Mysticism (Fairies and Gypsies)

June 24th and 25th: Pillage the Village (Vikings and Pirates)

More info can be found here:

Article by Mallory Crowe. Photos by Austin Benedict.

The rest of our photos are below!

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My son and I are going on Sunday for the first time. Reading this article makes me even more excited to come. Thanks for the awesome pics you posted and the great article.

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