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After Dark: World Space Party 2017

After Dark: World Space Party at the Michigan Science Center

World Space Party is a celebration of humanity’s past, present, and future in space. This is a combination of education and fun for adults only and, as a space nerd, I would say I was more excited about this event than I have been for most of the After Dark nights held at Michigan Science Center.

Make sure to come out to After Dark: Summer Solstice tonight! We will be there!

I feel like attendance on this one was a mixed bag. It definitely didn’t feel empty but whenever both levels are open, it’s hard to feel as much like a party as the Mardi Gras event did. However, there was a DJ on site and having that music playing really can make all the difference and I appreciated it.

I’ll go right ahead and say my favorite part. THERE WERE AERIALISTS!  Does this neatly fit into the space theme? Who cares? There was a dude hanging from the ceiling! Agora Arts had a silk artist (a guy who just decides gravity isn’t a big deal and hangs from some silks attached to the support beams)

…and a Cyr wheel performer. What’s a Cyr wheel performer? Let’s just call it extreme hula hooping.

Speaking of hula hooping, my favorite hoop dancer was back! Samantha was performing her electrifying hula hooping talents, complete with full on galaxy face paint!

Other highlights include a 3d Printing Demo by Square One Education Network, which is a pretty cool nonprofit organization which works with teachers to allow them to access the creative potential of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

And Armageddon Beach Party was there doing an onsite art demonstration and also selling some of their one of a kind psychedelic art pieces. It was especially cool to see them since the Motor City Geek team had just run into them at the Marche Du Nain Rouge (And some of us had even bought a few pieces…)

To top off the evening, every party goer got admission to a mini-planetarium show by the resident astronomer, Paulette Epstein. The jokes were corny and the science was appreciated. I get excited every time I hear there will be a planetarium show and am never disappointed when Paulette runs them!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by an After Dark event, MAKE IT HAPPEN! It’s well worth the price of a ticket ($15) and the next one, June 14th, is themed “Summer Solstice”. I can’t wait!

Article by Mallory Crowe. Photos by Austin Benedict

The rest of the photos from the event are below!

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