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An Inconceivable Evening with Cary Elwes

Motor City Geek went on quite the adventure last weekend! The Royal Oak Music Theater held a special screening of The Princess Bride and Westley himself, the great Cary Elwes, was there in person for a Q&A after the movie. Click on to read more!

This night had a lot of things going against it (and I’ll get to those in a second) but the fantastic movie (seriously, is it possible to have a bad time while watching The Princess Bride?), the great audience and a very charming Cary Elwes made everything worth it.

I won’t go on about the movie, except to say that if you haven’t seen TPB, go watch it. Right now. If you’re at work, tell your boss that you need to leave because you’ve never seen TPB and I’m sure they’ll understand. It’s a classic for a reason.

The crowd made this night. I’m not sure if the theater sold out, but it was a full house for sure. Cal Cagno (who moderated the event) asked the crowd beforehand who had never seen the movie before and there were a few odd hands, but for the most part, these were hardcore fans.

So when there was just the tiniest joke, the entire room erupted in laughter. When an iconic moment crossed the screen, there was a round of applause. Heck, even when only slightly memorable moments happened, a lot of people would applaud. It was just a fun time all around.

I didn’t know what to expect from Elwes. The only similar event I’ve ever been to was a screening of My Name is Bruce with Bruce Campbell. Elwes isn’t exactly a known comedian and I had a bit of fear that he’d be dry or boring. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong.

He was charming, funny, well spoken and, best of all, did amazing imitations! He had a great voice for Andre the Giant, Rob Reiner, Wallace Shawn, and a few others I’m forgetting. Which meant that when he told the stories about filming, the stories took on a whole new dimension.

So, the audience was great. The guest of honor was great. The movie was freakin’ fantastic. But that didn’t mean it was a perfect evening. The first annoying part of the night was that the tickets said doors opened at 7 pm, but there was no start time for the movie. So even though we had assigned seating, I was still waiting in line to get in. If  I had known for sure that the movie didn’t start until 8 pm, I could’ve taken my time.

Another negative was the seating itself. Royal Oak Music Theatre is very pretty on the inside, but the seats aren’t offset, which means that the guy sitting in front of me blocked about a quarter of the screen. Speaking of crappy seating, the folding chair I was on was not comfortable at all. I don’t have enough junk in my trunk for that and about halfway through the movie, I was shifting my weight to keep my backside from getting sore. It detracted from an otherwise great night.

So it was a fun time, but it had some major drawbacks that taint my memory of the evening.  I still think the audience was the best part and, to honor them, I marked down every time they applauded as the movie played! Check out the list below:

  1. (First applause of the night) When Westley and Inigo are having their sword fight and Westley does the gymnastic style flip.
  2. When Vizzini drinks out of the poisoned cup and drops dead. Apparently, it was conceivable.
  3. When Buttercup realizes the man in black is her farm boy.
  4. The iconic line, “There will be blood tonight!” said by Montoya when he leaves to find the Man in Black.
  5. The second Miracle Max shows up on screen.
  6. When Valerie (the hilarious Carol Kane) screams “Liar!” at Miracle Max
  7. “Have fun storming the castle!”
  8. The very second the wedding scene started, well before “Mawage” was even said.
  9. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my Father, Prepare to die.”
  10. When the six-fingered man is killed.
  11. When Westley stands up to face Prince Humperdinck.
  12. And when the movie ended.

(Let’s do the math! For a 98 minute long movie, that’s about an applause every 8 minutes!)

Article by Mallory Crowe


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