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Babyteeth Issue 1 & 2 Advance Review

Babyteeth Issue One Cover- via Aftershock Comics
Babyteeth Issue One Cover- via Aftershock Comics

Between putting down words for both Redneck and the breakout hit God Country, Donny Cates has managed to put his pen to the page once again this year for a new book titled Babyteeth. Published by AfterShock Comics and due to hit shelves later this month we here at Motor City Geek were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the first two issues.

The story kicks off in the modern day, (Accurate to the month even!) with a scared young mother named Sadie recording a message for her son Clark, whom we are told is the Antichrist. She seems to be recounting the rather unusual tale of his birth, the earthquakes that came along with it and even foreshadows more dangerous and demonic challenges to come.

Without giving away too much, the readers come to find out there are shadowy organizations, outrageous mercenaries and evil powers that have plans for the newborn Clark. We learn of these all while yearning for Sadie to succeed at the mundane tasks like feeding her son or getting a nap.

Check out Rob and Andrew’s thoughts down below.

Babyteeth Issue Two Cover- via Aftershock Comics
Babyteeth Issue Two Cover- via Aftershock Comics


Rob’s Thoughts

Donny Cates seems to be lining up yet another indie hit with Babyteeth. Blending the fantastical elements with the mundane makes even the simple victories feel important, all while we know something much more sinister is to come.

Cates and his partner in this tale, Garry Brown both seem to share a similar vision of visceral storytelling. Many of the mundane panels drew me into Sadie’s story, making me feel sympathy for the sixteen year old mother only to quickly be jarred back out of it when the darker side of the story steals the center stage on the next page.

The jumps could have made for a hard to follow story, but the narration by our protagonist almost makes it feel like you are witnessing the story being written and pulls it all together. While I still have far more questions than answers I am excited to see where Sadie and Clark’s story goes.

This book will definitely end up on my pull list and if you like watching world’s collide then I would highly recommend picking up the first two and diving in.

Score: 9/10


Andrew’s Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, Donny Cates has been on quite a tear this year between God Country and Redneck.  As a fan of both comics I was quite excited to get a sneak peak of his newest book, Babyteeth.

Babyteeth has a pretty simple premise at its core, it’s about a 16 year old trying her best to raise her newborn boy.  Except that her newborn boy just so happens to be the Antichrist.  As you can imagine, Sadie’s got more on her plate than she can handle but thankfully she’s not in it alone.

Cates and Brown do a terrific job of building a sense of both curiosity and dread for what’s to come.  I really enjoyed the character of Sadie, she’s a character that’s incredibly easy to relate to.  We all know what it’s like to be in over our heads but trying to do the best we can, often feeling like a failure.

A comic about the the struggles of a teenage girl raising the Antichrist may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if it’s yours, check it out!  (Even if it’s not, it’s Donny Cates, give it a shot!)  Reading the first issue was enough to convince me and the second only reaffirmed .  Babyteeth is on my pull list, I’m excited to see where this story takes us.

Score:  8.5/10

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