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Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Michael Rooker Press Conference

“Motor City over Maui!” – Michael Rooker takes over Comic Con’s first ever Press Conference

In a great turn of events, Motor City Comic Con had its first ever press conference, and Michael Rooker was the star. It was held on Friday morning at 11:30, right before the official Comic Con showroom floor opened. Rooker entered the room wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, and a hat that probably only Rooker could pull off. Rooker immediately set a casual environment as he leaned on the press conference table, instead of sitting behind it, and started to take questions. The press in the room were slow to raise their hands, so Rooker made joking remarks about how everyone should be fighting for the mics, and that seemed to loosen the room up a bit more. From there, the mic was passed along the front row of reporters.

I don’t think anyone really asked mind-blowing questions, but Rooker’s conversational answers were great. When asked who would win in a fight between Merle (The Walking Dead) and Yondu (Guardians of the Galaxy), Rooker simply whistled, which got a good laugh out of the room. Rooker wouldn’t comment on whether there was any possible way he would be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (maybe in flashback or dream or anything) but he did give some interesting tidbits about his role in The Bone Collector. He also said the now famous “Mary Poppins” line (seriously, if you haven’t seen Vol. 2 yet, please go see it, if just for the Mary Poppins line), wasn’t written in the script but came about organically while filming.


***Warning: Walking Dead spoiler is next ***


Another one of the interesting stories we got was about Rooker’s role in the creative process of Merle Dixon’s last arc on The Walking Dead. Rooker knew well ahead of time that his story on the show was going to end,  and he got to have a lot of creative input on how he went out. He said he was like “a pig in mud” to have that much say in the process. He also felt that since he was from the south, he had a better handle on a lot of Merle-isms than some of the writing staff, so a lot of the attitude from Merle was directly from Rooker. When asked who was the most self-sacrificing between Yondu and Merle, he made a great point how each guy would “beat your ass” and send you home crying, but also run out in the middle of traffic to save a puppy.

Overall it was a great first press conference for Motor City Comic Con and we’re very lucky that instead of going to Maui with James Gunn, Rooker decided to spend time with us at Motor City Geek! Motor City over Maui!

Article by Mallory Crowe. Photos by Austin Benedict

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