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Motor City Comic Con 2017

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Recap. Click below to read on!

For the first time ever, Motor City Comic Con held a set of two press conferences right before the con started on Friday. You can see all the details from the Michael Rooker press conference here.

So I arrived at the Suburban Collection Showplace well ahead of time for the press conference and the line was already intense. If you’re familiar with Suburban, the line stretched from the main convention entrance and reached the side of the Hyatt hotel. Now, over the years, the MCCC’s handling of advanced ticket holders has caused a bit of debate. A lot of con-goers report that if they buy advanced tickets, they end up waiting in line to pick up their wristbands longer than people who walk through the door to buy tickets on the spot. We’ve heard some people say that this year, the advanced entry line was handled better. On the other hand, we’ve heard grumbles from others that the advanced ticket holder line still sucked. Comment below if you want to share your own experience!

Now let’s get to the meat of the convention. Friday, as always, had the lowest attendance numbers. If anyone ever asks me for MCCC advice, I tell them to go on Fridays to get the best shopping experience.

However…. Fridays can be a double-edged sword. Even though the lines are shorter and you don’t have to fight through a crowd to make it through an aisle, can you ever really experience a comic-con if the entire convention floor isn’t packed shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best nerds? I suppose it’s up for debate. Lately, I’ve been going to all three days of the conventions I’ve visited, so I’ve gotten the best of all worlds.

I’ll touch on the attendees later, but let me hit on the media guests right now. Following the trend of the past few years, this year’s convention had less focus on comic related guests but there were a ton of media guests. It was great to see how different attendees were excited about different guests. Personally, I forked over the (considerable amount of) money to get a photo-op with Ron Perlman (I’m a sucker for that deep voice) and John Barrowman. Some of the other notable guests were Amy Jo Johnson, Anthony Michael Hall, Aly Michalka, Billie Piper and way too many to name here. There were legit so many guests that even after being on the show floor for three days, I still didn’t see them. For instance, I know Wil Wheaton was there. I saw plenty of people posting pictures with him. But I never actually saw him. Which I’m going to say is a good thing. I’d rather there be so many guests that I miss some. But, like I mentioned above, a bit more focus on comic guests would’ve been nice. Really though I think one of the biggest draws to the convention is all of the amazing cosplay.

The photo ops ran mostly smoothly. Because I’m too Type-A, I was always in line as soon as they opened it up and ended up waiting around longer than I needed to. Wolf Studios Photography was in charge of the professional photo ops and, after my John Barrowman photo, the printers stopped working and they had to resend the photo to the printer. This would be annoying if it were just me, but it was me and 50+ other people waiting for their photos as well. Luckily when I had my Ron Perlman photo, the whole process went much better, so I’m hoping the technical issues I experienced were a one off.

One of our correspondents went to the convention as a guest on Saturday and managed to catch John Barrowman’s panel. He wore a dress (purchased on the convention floor!) and told the crowd he was a gender non-conforming Tardis. Never change, John Barrowman. Never change.

So let’s do a quick round up. Things l liked-

1) The vendors. My very good friend, from Ever After a Blue Moon, had a booth that was kind of my temporary base through the weekend, but really, so many of the vendors are top knotch. These are artists at the top of their game and I could spend and entire day just looking at everything they had to offer.

2) John Barrowman

3) The great line up of media guests. John Barrowman included. He deserves to be on this list twice.

4) The cosplay is just amazing. We’ll have full coverage of the cosplay contest soon, but a quick roundup of some of the amazing effort that went into this year’s cosplayers. There were the normal assortment of Negan’s, Jokers and Harley Quinns, but the variety was endless. From Star Wars to Guardians of the Galaxy, space travelers were fully represented. There were superheroes, monsters, video game characters, and Disney princesses. One of the best things about conventions no matter what fandom you relate to, you can always find your people.


Things I didn’t like:

1) Parking. There’s not much good to say about it. It costs money and it never feels like there’s enough.

2) Food. I want better food. Can we bring in a bunch of food trucks and have some variety to choose from? Suburban Collection only had the concession stands and they all had massive lines. There was also fudge. Which I ate a lot of.

3) Sleep. I hate that I need sleep. I could get so much more done if I didn’t have to take these frustrating recharge breaks.


So we have one more year in the books! I hope you had a chance to check out the convention. If you didn’t (and even if you did!) make sure to check out all the great pictures we have posted from the weekend. Overall we got about 700(!) shots, which is a record for Motor City Geek.

Here are links to photos from each of the three days!

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Friday Photos

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Saturday

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Sunday


Comment below with your favorite part of the 2017 MCCC! What did you like? What didn’t you like? Do you wish we’d had a chance to hit up more panels? We’re going to work our geeky butts off to keep the full coverage coming!


Article by Mallory Crowe. Photos by Austin Benedict.



AnnaLiese Cook

I was there Friday. The line wasn’t bad, but we were early. My major complaint about the food is the weird smell of overcooked meat mixing with me being overheated, thanks to my costume. (I was the blue Twi’lek in Friday’s pics) But yeah the smell was icky. Did anyone else see an older man in sunglasses who if you looked close was in a very good latex mask and makeup? Brown plaid shirt walking with a young man who later had a media pass on. I wonder if that wasn’t a celeb walking the floor before their scheduled appearance…

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