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Great Lakes Comic Con 2017

Last weekend the gymnasium and event center of Macomb Community College was taken by storm. Not the confusing mix of rain and snowstorms this dastardly winter has given us, no. It was a geekstorm of the wonderful variety. It was Great Lakes Comic Con!

With vendors selling comic books, toys and collectibles of all kinds, Great Lakes Comic Con was the place to find any number of hidden treasures with sellers from all over the state. Cons like this are the perfect place to find that one missing issue of your indie collection or a classic book that has escaped your grasp at the larger venues.

There is something wonderfully personal about a con like this. It is a perfect chance to sit down and have a conversation with your favorite artists or writers. Places like this are where you discover a new indie series or meet a crafter who makes the geeky apparel you never knew you needed in your life.

If you love comics, this is the place for you. It’s as simple as that. You fill find something that catches your eye and  strike up a conversation you may find yourself among a host of new friends.

Photos by Krista and Rob, Article by Rob


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