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Local haunt Eloise gets the Hollywood treatment

Eloise, one of the Motor City’s most popular haunted spots, is getting the Hollywood treatment. Unfamiliar with Eloise? Eloise was a poor house turned insane asylum located on Michigan Ave. in Westland. At one point the complex contained 78 buildings and had it’s own postal code, but now mostly ruins. A lot of the land has been sold off, paving the way for a strip mall. Only 4 of the buildings remain. There is also a cemetery nearby.  Most of the markers only have patient numbers on them. Tragically, not a name or single nice word, though some are working to identify the graves.

Security guards (and teenagers looking for a thrill) have heard voices and other odd noises.  Moaning and grunts can be heard by the playground and lights tend to have a mind of their own. Presumptively these are the ghosts of the patients who were perished within the walls of Eloise.

The movie, titled Eloise, was actually filmed in Michigan as part of the Michigan Film incentives (which sadly no longer exist). The plot is that the main character (super hot Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl) has to break into Eloise to get the death certificate of a relative so he can qualify for an inheritance. So he enlists the help of his friends (super hot Eliza Dushku from Buffy and Dollhouse) and Brandon T. Jackson (super hot Detroiter from Tropic Thunder) to break into Eloise and have the night of their lives. Or maybe last night of their lives…

If you want to show some support for the Motor City and see horrible things happen to pretty people, make sure to check out Eloise. BONUS: Robert Patrick plays what appears to be the villain. As long as Robert Patrick isn’t trying to replace Agent Mulder, I’m a fan.


The movie is scheduled to be released by Vertical Entertainment in theaters and VOD on Feb. 3. If you want to see it on the big screen, Emagine Royal Oak is the only theater playing it.

Photos are from The Friends of Eloise and MLive.

Article by Mallory Crowe – Romance Author

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